Space Lifting

The pieces seem remarkably familiar.

Yet, you can’t even believe it’s the same room.

Who says getting a fresh take on a living space has to always mean buying new things? You’ve lived so closely with the pieces you have that you might be struggling with how you could repurpose them in a way that feels completely different.

That’s where a Space Lifting consulting from Littlerock can open your eyes to the possibilities of the space and breathe new life into it.

Upon gaining a sense of how you’d ideally like to feel in the space, we utilize the pieces you already own to see the opportunities to bring greater balance to the room.

Are there empty spaces that could give certain elements a more appropriate area to shine on their own? With clutter cleared and pieces re-arranged, might the room serve a different purpose you never thought of before? What colors might provide a better contrast than they do now?

It’s amazing how Space Lifting can change your entire outlook on how a room and the pieces within can function and feel. Your guests will ask, “What feels different about this space?” With a smile, you’ll know it all started with a brand new perspective.

To view some examples of our Space Lifts, click here.


Nancy M. hired us for Space Lifting:

“Dina came over for a “Space Lifting” consultation and really opened my eyes to new possibilities in my own home. Having her fresh perspective — where to move furniture and hang artwork, as well as how the placement of personal items can affect productivity when working from home — was illuminating and stress-relieving.  

I especially appreciate her focus on breathing new life into a space by using items you already own, especially those that have personal meaning.  I highly recommend working with Dina, whose warmth and professionalism combine to make her a very effective home remodeling coach.”