Renovation Coaching

Your home.

Your bank account.

Your sanity.

We’re working in the best interests of all of them.

Littlerock Construction - our renovation consuliting processWithout a real defined scope of work, it’s easy to see how a project could run up costs, push out timelines and cause you a lot of undue stress. You deserve an objective yet highly experienced professional to help you make the right decision as dilemmas surface in the project’s days ahead.

In other words, you could use a Renovation Coach. We know just the person too.

Renovation Coaching means Littlerock’s Dina Petrakis works closely with you to discuss design options and what you’re seeking to accomplish from the project. This isn’t merely for conceptual sake but to keep your investment and the scope of work in line with the true market value of your home improvement.

It’s during this time that we approach craftsmen on your behalf to secure a “trade rate” for all materials, a preferred cost free of markups.