Project Management

Rebuild your confidence.
Repair your peace of mind.

Even with the best-laid plans, if progress inspections aren’t made regularly, the space can have trouble emerging in its new, inspiring form. Considering Dina Petrakis was a project manager for developers for 10 years, she’s got quite the track record of overseeing and coordinating a large variety of projects to stay consistently on time and within budget. She can even recommend when payments to contractors should be authorized.

Some clients may only need particular elements or stages that require us to step in to project manage. Others may count on us to manage as much as we can handle – which happens to be a whole lot.

Either way, no matter what you require from us in a project manager role, you can be sure we’re highly collaborative with you so that you feel we’re implementing a space that captures your personality wonderfully and flows right into the next room of the home with ease.