Summer Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

In Chicago, we tend to think a lot about saving energy (and money) in winter, but there are several tips and tricks to keep you more environmentally and financially cool this summer.  Here is a great graphic showing some energy facts and explains how your air conditioning works!  Additionally, the Department of Energy lists a number of free and or easy energy saving tips for your home this summer. #DinaGetsItDone

THAT’S why!

A client hired me to get her condo ready for sale- she had to move out of state and her realtor told her she couldn’t get the rent she needed to pay costs. We met and made a plan for the work- but on the elevator down I asked a hipster if he lived there and found out he was paying $800/month more than what she needed. The Scope changed, it’s now rented, and the unit is cash flowing! THAT’S why you hire Littlerock! #DinaGetsitDone

Celebrating 20 Years

We had the pleasure of celebrating 20 years in business earlier this week. New friends and old joined us for holiday treats, memories and plans for the future.  Our Urban Times spoke with Dina about this milestone in her ongoing career.

Take the plunge!

Got a call from a client in a quandry- whether to go with the color she “wanted, but was afraid of” or the one that looked “safe”. The things we want ARE scary, but paint is a perfect place to make a plunge- it’s easy to change! This is a metaphor for the client’s life- and perhaps yours- taking the safe path with no joy. Take a small risk in your home decor- practice the action- and you may be able move beyond- to choices holding you back in your personal life!

Thank you note from a client

Got this note yesterday: “Enclosed please find payment + along with it my thanks. I would never have even dreamt of this project, much less attempted this without all your guidance + support. Looking forward to more!” I LOVE my work!