Great new melamine cabinet doors

NEW melamine cabinet doors are priced at entry level –

but look FABulous- and are durable, too!  

Driftwood at the front is SO fresh- on trend yet neutral!


Streeterville Kitchen

Streeterville kitchen got tops today- cabinets last week- and tomorrow it will be trimmed and tiled with the fab blue glass.   More details soon,  but schedule was the primary concern for this client- and things are rockin’!



Water Pop method allows darker stain on hardwood

“Water Pop” method opens wood grain to absorb more stain- for darker colorsP1380936small.  After sanding, the floors are actually mopped with water and left to dry overnight.

Adds a day to the process, but increased color intensity makes it worth it.  Upper right sample is Jacobean with Water Pop- below, Jacobean with no water.

Tag your slabs!

Tagged slabs for a client’s kitchen yesterday- ALWAYS do this for your project!  Slabs vary dramatically, slab to slab, and even within the same slab!  See this example- extremely active on the top and very little on the bottom.  #DinaGetsitDone

P1380804 copy

Faster finish on your bath or kitchen

Stone tops take 2 weeks after measure- and measure occurs only AFTER cabinets are installed.  After the tops are in, plumbing and appliances can be hooked up- and backsplash completed.

Track cabinet installation and measure for the fastest finish to your project!

Condo buyers doing more work on their units

Due to low inventory in certain markets, condo buyers are doing lots more work than typical on their new (used) units: replacing ceramic with hardwood, sanding floors, new tops, ceramic backsplashes, etc- in addition to the standard small handyman work (tubs and showers always need regrouting and caulk) and paint job.

Document piping behind walls!

Took pictures of Client electrical/plumbing before spray insulation this morning. ALWAYS do that before insulation/drywall so future work or repairs are easy! #DinaGetsitDone

The fun part!

Starting a kitchen and bath Tuesday, with the clients out of town. When they get back the fun part will have started!

Few people enjoy the demo or “rough-in”, when the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing get updated- it just doesn’t seem like much is happening if you’re not versed in those trades.

If you can, get out of dodge, and get back when the fun part starts- or even after that!