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You say you’ve got a lot to learn?

We can fix that too.

Dina’s produced many helpful articles and video demonstrations on the art of renovation. Read, watch and learn as she brings her 25+ years of experience to these living spaces – much like the kind of work she can do for you.

Dina Petrakis, remodeling consultant

Space LiftingBefore

Interviewed by a local morning TV program, Dina explains the concept of Space Lifting prior to actually helping a homeowner in Pilsen transform her living room – in only a couple of hours! If you’re in an office, apartment or any living space that needs a fresh perspective but can’t afford to do a full-scale remodel, you’ll want to watch how Space Lifting can help you out painlessly.

Space Lifting, After

The big reveal, post-space lifting! You’ll be amazed what a difference can be made by moving some pieces in a room to create greater balance, better focal points and a more inviting view. See how Dina has transformed the long and rectangular living room for the homeowner into what feels like a totally new space.


Dina Petrakis and Sam Marts, discussing their approach to serving clients

Littlerock works seamlessly with all kinds of partners, such as Sam Marts Architects and Planners. Listen to Dina and Sam describe how their combined 60+ years of experience forms a terrific resource for homeowners striving to realize their design ambitions.


Caulking Workshop Video,
in segments:

Why Caulk?:

As Dina and Sam engage in a service project for the community, they speak to the hidden financial and environmental benefits that can be in store for you as a result of caulking.


Where to Caulk: Testing for Air Leaks:

Working in an unheated basement, Dina shows how she views each room like a sealed envelope, sharing useful tips on how to keep heated and unheated spaces separate by testing air flow.


“One Big Thing”; Insulating Electrical Outlets and Switches:

What’s The One Big Thing? Inevitably in projects, there’s the less than obvious thing you can’t see that suddenly becomes something bigger – like a seemingly harmless switch on an outside wall that opens up new insulation challenges. Fortunately, Dina has just the fix for that.


What KIND of Caulk to Use:

Not all caulks are the same. From paintable caulk to non-paintable caulk to removable caulk, Dina explains the differences so you can select the best high quality caulk for your needs and long-term use.


Caulking Tools:

Dina gets it done with the help of several great tools: Caulking guns, painter’s tape and backer rod. She demonstrates how they work together to result in better coverage and cleaner edges on the job.


Caulking Demonstration; Tooling your Caulk:

What’s the right amount of caulk to use for the surface and angle you’re working with? Dina shows you how to caulk in different situations to get the smoothest finish and best seal for insulation.


Go and Do!:

What are you waiting for? Caulking is easier than you think, especially now that you’ve got the tips from Dina to go do it yourself. Not to mention caulk can help reduce your carbon footprint and save on your utility bills. Of course, if you need a hand on home projects like this, Dina’s here for you too.